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Real Punishment Spanking for yelling at my Top

yellingDuring an e-mail exchange with Dana, I used all caps in to emphasize my displeasure with not getting my way.

Dana believes this is a universal form of technological communication indicative of yelling.  I tried not to agree with this – not even to myself.  But it became clear fairly quickly that this was not going to be beneficial to me… not even a little.  And I suppose she was right.  I was yelling at her behind the protection of a computer, not realizing that there were going to be unpleasant consequences for it.

There was really nothing I could do other than accept a spanking for poor behavior.  I did not know I was going to get a spanking for this.  Dana did not at all inform me that I was going to be punished.  She naturally expressed being unhappy with my overall attitude but she did not say when I got to Vegas that it was going to land me over her knee for a long, hard, bare-bottomed and no-nonsense, no roleplay spanking.

I honestly think I will never do that again.

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