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Results of Spanking Poll:

Here are the results from the spanking poll,, on a general scale. 


Really, I am going to focus on the first half of the results, which take up the largest sections of the pie-chart.  The main interest with over one quarter of votes as to why it appeals to my audience to watch me get spanked is… for major punishment.  I have always suspected this to be the case, as it seems to have been the best selling concept in all of the clips I have done – including clips independent of what I have filmed with Dana. What I suppose I would like to know next is specifically why it is appealing to watch me get punished. Is it because it is entirely genuine?  There is no acting when I am punished.  The emotions are raw, the pain is intense at the least, and oftentimes somewhat severe.  If any regression occurs it is sincere and not put-on.  Nothing is ever acted or deliberate when I am being punished, neither is anything predictable. Sometimes I resist out of instinct and habit.  Sometimes I submit so sincerely that it shocks even me. Usually there is some level of fear present when I know I am facing something that is going to cause me great discomfort and almost always there is some sense of shame (based on the wrongdoing that has caused the punishment in the first place).  If those are your reasons for being interested in witnessing me recieve an honest punishment – I can totally relate.  Real spanking punishments are always what I gravitate towards when I search out spanking clips.

The second most popular response was to watch me in a roleplay context (thank goodness) and the third was an interest in minor discipline – which in a way has the potential to be seen as nearly the same thing.  Whenever I am doing a roleplay scene (or let me say a good majority of the time) – there is usually something I can pick out in the scene that applies to my nature off-camera. So I am easily able to identify with the reasons why my character is being punished and so there is some level of genuine discipline taking place, which I imagine is something that might make it appealing to viewers.  I know it makes it appealing to me 🙂

These two reasons were followed by an almost tied general love for spanking and a general love for big asses.  This amuses me.  Think that’s all that needs to be said there!  As for the other reasons, which seem to hold much less weight and seem to all be equally compelling – having recieved almost the same percentage of votes – here is the literal breakdown (based on 135 votes)


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