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I will be writing reviews on spanking and BDSM erotica, literature, memoirs, videos, clips, books, articles, blogs… clearly you get the point by now. There are a handful of very good sites out there, and some material that is definitely worth investing some time in reading/viewing – so I will try to focus on the positive. However, if something strikes me as particularly offensive or I just happen to disagree with it – I probably won’t hesitate to get a little critical. I don’t generally judge (with a few exceptions reserved for people who injure others, especially children and animals… and also, I’m pretty critical of general ignorance and stupidity on a large scale), but I hold very strong opinions and am fortunate enough to live in a place where I have the freedom to express them. You are entitled to disagree.  I am equally entitled not to care.

However, if you present your opinion in an intelligent, respectful fashion – there is no reason why we could not engage in a civil debate.  I will not publish any comments that are rude, do not make sense, are littered with profanity or that bash people without just cause.  Even if there is just cause, your presentation of just cause must be made with class.  Other than figures who have intentionally made themselves public and intentionally invited critique by doing so (ex. Melissa Febos – WhipSmart, E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey) – I will not post the real or stage names of people if you have nothing nice to say about them.  If you have a legitimate gripe – make it general so that we can discuss it or I can write a post about it without revealing the identities of specific individuals.  If I get a big response, I will create some kind of forum that creates a little more intimacy than back and forth comments.

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