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My New Organization: S.A.S.S.Y


Considering doomsday is approaching – I have decided to create a new group, with the hope that my sincere repentance will influence the sympathy of Ms. Dana Kane and encourage her to realize that the delrin punishment being made public – well, it just might be slightly harsh.  Hopefully she will see that this “harshness” goes against her gentle and sympathetic nature and perhaps she can be persuaded (at least for first time offenders) to lessen the punishment by allowing it to remain a private event.

Don’t be confused (or fooled) by the name of my new organization.  Although a bit “ironic,” it’s entirely sincere.



Hold on a minute.  It’s not what you think.  S.A.S.S.Y stands for, ever appropriately, (Sad And Sorry Subs Yield).

See what I mean?  You didn’t think that was coming did you? Some of you might have been praying for my life right now (or at least my backside) and the rest of you were probably hoping for some bratting behavior to continue this saga.  Well, I am above that.  And I have decided to change my ways because I know Ms. Dana Kane will recognize my regret and exercise compassion and not publicly display that intensely painful and ego-crushing spectacle that has been branded and will forever go down in spanking history as the “Derlin Punishment.”

I am sad, I am sorry and I completely yielded to Ms. Kane’s authority despite all natural inclinations to fight it.  I will continue to do so as a sign of deference and respect, as well as a measure to demonstrate I am allowing myself to be held “accountable,” for inappropriate and punishable behaviors.

If anyone is interested in joining you may e-mail me for the appropriate paper-work.  Processing takes 7-10 days, approximately.


Founder & President of S.A.S.S.Y (August 2012)

PS (I love you, Dana! :))

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