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Search Term Mania:

I thought it would be fun to share some of the somewhat interesting search terms that lead readers to my blog. So I decided every now and again to pick out my favorites and share them with you. I am easily amused.

  • delrin hurts punishment (Yes, it does. Would the genius who typed this in please come forward so we can demonstrate?)
  • suggested punishment menus for s and m sessions (punishment menus? ummmm.. Think I should mention this to Dana. Can totally see her having a fabulous time with this idea).
  • crying clinching bottom dacing after a spanking (DO NOT want to tell Dana about this one because she might get ideas, and she might think the spelling error was mine, which I assure you – it was not).
  • babysitters spanking competitions stories (Competition you say?  WHERE?)
  • angels getting a good spanking (But of course, all angel’s need a good spanking every now and again so they don’t get their panties wings all in a bunch).
  • what are the discoloration stages of a spanked bottom (discoloration stages? If this person was smart, s/he would have watched any punishment video of mine and found the answer). Also, I will soon be doing a blog post on the stages of healing that occur after you have had a layer of flesh beaten off your ass, you know, in case someone decides to google it.)
  • my therapist spanked me (I hope this didn’t happen. No, that’s a lie. I TOTALLY hope this happened – well, okay, okay. I hope it happened consensually).
  • spanking meeting (Spanking “meeting?” Do we have those?)
  • she gets here spanking (Sometimes there is no way to understand what someone is trying to say…)
  • spanking ditties (just cute, and also I kinda feel like this might have been Dana. Who else would think of “spanking ditties???”)
  • punished angel spanking (lots of people want to see “punished angel’s or “angel’s punished.” Makes a girl nervous).
  • “such a spanking” (I guess I can see how this led this person here).
  • dana kane gives bare butt paddling to angel (This just made me laugh.  Out loud).
  • spank gauntlet (Just a little grammatical bother).
  • bdsm, erotica, compulsion, domestic, consent, spanking, art, poetry, need f/f (last but not least, my favorite thus far because… well, it literally sums up my entire site!)

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