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Slayed by Walter Palmer: #Cecil the Lion, #CeciltheLamb…

Cecil-the-lamb If you need to kill a lion with arrows and guns to prove that you are a man, I challenge you to provoke one unarmed. The rest of you killing exotic animals for the sport of it – taking prideful selfies with the innocent, tortured creatures you murdered is not going to prove you have balls.

In this case, Walter Palmer’s are shriveling up right now because the hunter has become the HUNTED with the storm of media outrage he has created around the globe. I truly hope this murder of this defenseless, majestic and beloved lion serves as a message to demonstrate the horror, the ignorance, the idiocy, the brutality and the senselessness of the slaying of creatures that need protection by people who believe they are entitled to commit atrocities under the pretense of being superior “human beings.”

We ARE ALL animals. In today’s world, the word “human” is becoming less and less necessary, less and less distinctive – except for the fact it puts us amongst the only species that torture and kill other living beings (even our “own kind”) for power, for greed, for fun, for fame, for luxury…

There is nothing superior about us except for our abilities to choose evil for the sake of choosing evil.

Let there be Justice.

I’d like to get this trending, because this is what this beautiful boy was:

#CecilTheLion #CeciltheLamb



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