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Sounds of Spanking w/Mistress Mona: Free Audio File

As some of you might know if you have followed any of my previous blogs – before I did videos,  I did audio files.  I used to do age-regression files for a client which were at one time publicly available but have since been taken down (my preference).  This is a free audio file a couple of minutes in length from a nearly hour-long punishment session that Ms. Mona Rogers and I recorded over a year and a half ago – for the same client, minus any age-play theme. (Although by the end of the hour I was in a somewhat regressed state after repetitive spanking and subsequent crying).  The file was solicited by the same client who enjoys video punishments.  Before he became amenable to video – audio files were his passion.  He had long ago given me permission to use all sections of this (and other) recordings for my blog.  This file had become lost along the way somewhere.  I happened to come upon it while I was organizing material for this new blog since the other one was removed (along with all my draft posts). I am happy to say I had the opportunity to work with Mistress Mona for this “punishment session” and that this is now available for your listening pleasure.  If it is well received, I will post the remaining parts of the punishment for curious ears.  These are the genuine sounds of a punishment spanking from a trusted professional Dominatrix (who is always in acting capacity as amazing Top) that I have a working and personal relationship with, which is always a treat to engage in when the opportunity arises.

She resides here in NYC and if you haven’t already, please take a moment to check out her awesome website by clicking the picture link below. She is a wonderful person, a smokin’ hot Domme and great friends with Ms. Dana Kane.


If anyone is interested in my interaction with Mistress Mona and would like to request a custom audio or video file, I am sure she would be amenable. Please Email me here

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