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Spanked again by StepMonster – Little Angel in “Note to Mother.”

notetoMI thought Stepmommy and I had turned over a new leaf, but that’s just dumb.  She’s crazier than ever. I can’t believe Daddy left me home alone with her this weekend.  She’s been pretending to be nice to me in front of him, and I guess she had me fooled, too.  She’s just so mean that I can’t even understand how she can pretend to be nice. She’s a great actress.


Quite frankly, I don’t know why she hates me so much.  She’s even getting me a tutor, which I totally don’t need because I’m way smart. I just don’t apply myself because, well… what’s the point? Yikes, if she ever heard me said I wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.


Speaking of not being able to sit for a week, I probably won’t be able to sit for a week anyway. I totally got in tons of trouble today for writing a note to my REAL mom asking if I could come back to live with her for a while. StepMonster found it and went all nuts.  Sometimes StepMonster is nicer to me when I’m dressed really little – with bows and stuff in my hair and pigtails and knee-socks.


This time, she was just furious. She spanked me really hard and extra humiliates me by taking my panties off and smacking my bare bottom over and over, and over until it’s totally bright red and throbbing. I always wish her hand will break or something.  So far it has not.  Anyway I have to go.  Thank gosh I have this secret laptop Daddy got for me to do my homework.  If Stepmommy knew I was writing these things about her she would kill me. If she knew I was posting my journal entries online anonymously she would probably kill me more.


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