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Spanked for Tantrums – New F/f Punishment Video

This is a spanking role-play video that Dana and I created.  She just released it on her member site and clips4sale.  Although we clearly used some creative license, the punishment was real.  I was spanked because I have a habit of throwing tantrums over stressors, not getting my way, feeling frustrated, and anything else you can think of.  I think Dana really did just about have it with my real life behavior, which translates well into this video – because I can tell you in no uncertain terms that this spanking hurt like heck.  Dana used her hand, which is always bad enough.  Hand spanking punishments are often more intense than most people can readily imagine.  Then my bottom was spanked with this awful stingy paddle that literally leaves its mark behind (on my behind) after every whack. Genuine age-play spanking video with cute costume theme. 




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