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Spanked in a foreign language – sound/audio tease clip

Mistress Cassandra Halloween


This is a clip from an audio file I did with Mistress Cassandra for my client where I was spanked for doing something bad. It was a fun little clip about buying something, telling her I was going to return it and then trying to navigate my way out of the fact that I didn’t do it. It was all fun and games until I lied to her and she brought out the rawhide cane, and until she started speaking to me in Spanish as she spanked me.

In all fairness, she did tell me to practice my Spanish but I didn’t think she meant I’d have 2 and 1/2 days to learn anything beyond, “Yes, Mistress” or “No Mistress.” Despite a looooong schooling in the language, I have barely retained anything. I did manage to throw in a “Por favor,” and “Lo siento,” here and there along with a lot of “Si, Domina’s” even though I didn’t entirely know what I was agreeing to.

I later realized I could have also thrown in a “loco” or two – but when I told her that (IN JEST), her reply was that she would have gone “loco” on my ass – so I suppose it was a good thing that I did not. She also refused to tell me what she was saying, even after we were done. If anyone can translate for me, I’d be humbly obliged.

I was having a little trouble with my media player plug-in, so you can get to this file by clicking the link which will take you to attachment page where you can click the another link.  Sorry about that. I’m quite feverish and don’t have the energy to figure this out right this second.

Mistress Cassandra spanking audio MP3




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2 Responses to “Spanked in a foreign language – sound/audio tease clip”

  1. Harley Rae says:

    Hope this isn’t out of order but I would like to translate for the non-Spanish speakers for when she started speaking Spanish:

    “Hey, are you hearing me?”
    “Do you understand what I’m telling you? Why did you do the things you did? Is it because you want me to hit (spank) you? You want me to hit (spank) you?”
    “You say you didn’t know. You knew very well that I was going to hit you (spank you).
    “You…know…I was going to hit (spank) you because I told you to have that receipt for me but you don’t have it. But not only that, it hurts me to hit you (spank you).”
    “But you know what? I have to hit (spank) you. Do I need to hit (spank you)? Do you know?”
    This was between every spank that occurred.

    • AngelSpanked says:

      Thank you, that was awesome! Maybe you can tell me a few creative things I can say back to Her the next time we play 😉

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