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This was an interesting roleplay video with a lot of underlying reality.  I was quite emotionally volatile this last trip and prior to my arrival I warned Ms. Dana that I was pretty much a crying mess with all I had to contend with at home. Maybe she didn’t quite understand until I stormed out in some kind of unprovoked tantrum and got slightly lost somewhere on the streets of Vegas trying to track down a missing dog (nope, I didn’t find her).

Dana was nice enough to help calm me down when I got back.  I wasn’t gone long but I was SO hot, hungry, thirsty and had a horrible blister from my flip-flops.  It would have been entirely understandable had she decided not to care or to act angrily towards me.  I  know when she is not happy with me, and she wasn’t – but she was still very accommodating. I calmed down after some (undeserved) affection, food, television and sleep.

However, I think this little episode was still lingering for the both of us. I allowed myself to express my regressed side in this video and I’m pretty sure there was some genuine punishment smacks to subtly remind me of my behavior the day before.  This spanking really did hurt and as I was being spanked I was verbally reminded of behaving badly and my bottom was feeling the physical consequences.

Eventually I think I learned (from a variety of measures) how to respond properly when I’m feeling not right for whatever reason. I’m pretty confident that won’t be an issue in the future.  Unfortunately I didn’t exactly learn the taking care of your hair lesson – because just a few hours later I had to pathetically present myself to Dana to take the ties out of my tangled web of hair because I couldn’t do it myself.  Thankfully it was not followed by a reinforcement spanking – but I should always keep in mind that being spanked for such things are neighboring possibilities.

Regression videos are one of my favorite themes because they strike very close to home. I hope you enjoy them as well!

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