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Spanking Accountability Negotiation – upcoming Vegas trip

Since I’m about to see my Top in Vegas in less than a week, naturally my misdeeds are weighing heavily on my mind.  My natural inclination is an immature one, with the nagging desire to beg, plead, negotiate, bribe or otherwise manipulate my way out of being accountable – just as a child might. I have tried this before, on numerous occasions, in numerous combinations.  I’ve never had any success.  Ironically, the only time I have ever had any success in a punishment being lessened or otherwise altered was when I made little effort to protest it. 

Having to stand in the corner after “cheating” is one example. Dana initially sentenced me to an hour.  I lightly protested but not enough to be irritating and eventually I relented when I knew there was no way I could logically argue my way out of the somewhat deserved consequence.  Much to my surprise, my punishment was lessened by half an hour.  Thirty minutes ended up being the exacted discipline.

That being said, I was wondering if it ever is appropriate to ask your Top for a punishment pardon. Or to try to negotiate the terms of your own punishment.  I think this should be allowed.  Since Ms. Dana likes to make analogies regarding her mode of discipline by equating it to the judicial system – doesn’t this mean it would only be fair to be allowed the opportunity to plead down the offense(s)?  Example: Felony to Misdemeanor. 

Since I know nothing about the law and would get into a whole host of issues trying to represent myself, I’m calling on my Bratting partner in Crime – the VBB, president of SAD (Subs Against Delrin) to represent me.  He speaks so eloquently on these matters.  I’m sure that he can propose some very logical arguments in my defense that should render me the ability to enter a plea, at the very least – or get me off entirely with an acquittal (which is much needed, but not entirely likely. I’ll settle for a lighter sentence).  

Considering I have over 4 dozen infractions that a certain person has made me categorize into a list, I think that I require some leniency for survival reasons.  As the founder of SAD, it’s The VBB’s duty to come to my aid and demand sanctioning of any unlawful punishment inflicted upon my person if he does not agree such action is warranted.  As the lawyer I have appointed to earn me a “get out of jail free card,” he obviously believes in me.  Not in my innocence, but in my God given right to request a reprieve and to ensure this doesn’t turn into a case of “cruel and unusual punishment.” 

That is a subjective term by the way – it’s possible for a hand spanking that makes you burst blood vessels in your bottom to be deemed “cruel and unusual,” never mind Delrin and Naughty Sticks.  What is deemed to be cruel and unusual should be at the discretion of The VBB (The Very Bad Boy, if that went unmentioned) since he is well versed in these matters.  It is necessary that he instruct all Tops in this regard so they never insult justice and proceed to be reasonable – especially by lavishing with positive reinforcement.  

I anxiously await the appeal he is going to propose for me.  Right now, I am literally on trial in the Court of Dana.

^i^ Angel ^i^

Stay tuned to see what becomes of me!


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4 Responses to “Spanking Accountability Negotiation – upcoming Vegas trip”

  1. Missy says:

    Oh my goodness…..

  2. Melody says:

    A hard wooden hairbeush while I watch!

  3. TheVBB says:

    Our great nation was founded upon the principle of freedom and justice. While we as a nation haves struggled throughout history with ensuring all people equally experience freedom and justice we have moved a long way in this effort. The principles of justice does not simply lay within the confines of the governing entities it also flows through all fabric of our society. This is true for the Top/ bottom relationship also. While Subs are more than willing to accept a well earned punishment and accept the justic that is handed out by the Tops. It is not always the same with our beloved Tops. An example of this unfair and unjust behavior is found in the WWs recent action, where she blames me for something that went wrong when I had nothing to do with what went wrong. She then unjustly punishes me for no other reason than for her own amusement. Where did she learn such Behaviour? Well from Ms. Dana Kane of course, it is no secret that the WW has studied under Ms. Kane and has followed in her foot steps as a Top. Thus, this unfair and unjust behavior comes straight from the hand of Ms. Kane.

    In a few short days my dear friend Angel will once again be forced to face another week with Ms. Kane. While most would see this as a most exciting event, for Angel it is a terrifying time of not knowing what will happen to her. Poor Angel must spend the entire week living in total fear that at any moment Ms. Dana Kane will come up with some unjust and unfair reasons to spank or punish Angel. Angel will protest her innocence but Ms. Kane will simply dismiss her and say “I’ve already decided and once it’s decided it will happen”. This is the hight of unjust behavior among the Top. Angel will be punished and our dream of living in a nation of justice will die just a little.

    Ms. Dana Kane, in the past you have held Angel to unrealistic expectations and have often changed the rules on her so you could punish her unjustly. Angel has come to you many a time seeking relief from your harsh sentences yet you have never granted her any relief or pardon. Some where along the line Angel has deserved leniency yet you have not given it to her. Thus, I believe it is only right for you to make amends with Angel and not punish angel in any way while she is visiting with you. This simple action will demonstrate to all that you truly care about justice and you are willing to do your part in ensuring all Subs are treated fairly. This is your opportunity to take a stand for justice. A simple short confession of the wrongs you have done to her and a true sincere appology will put you in great standing with Tops and with Subs. While you are at it add an appology to TheVBB. This is your moment Ms. Dana, to cast off the shackels of injustices and make amends for the unjust treatment you have provided not only to Angel but also to TheVBB. Be brave, show us that you can be a loving Top who is always willing to turn the other cheek and show mercy where you once showed unjustice! No matter what has happened in the past it is time for you to let it go, treat Angel with love and tenderness while she is visiting you. Put away your paddles and spanking implements and pull out your baking ware. Make cupcakes not unjust punishments.


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