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Spanking bruises, welts, and woes:

mybruisingDisclaimer: This bruising had nothing to do with Dana. It’s an old pic, pre Vitamin K, pre Dana. However, this blog title is inspired by her latest video clip: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – since this rhyme is consistently looping through my brain since she tweeted it

I decided to write a short post on bruising and welting relating to spanking play. About a year ago, I had a literally indestructible bottom. This was when I was playing often, often actually meaning – one, two or several times a day. This was also before I developed several autoimmune issues and when I was on a strict regimen of vitamin K. When this first came to my attention, I had a private session with Dana and Ms. Mona Rogers. I was in an emotionally volatile place and needed the release that comes from corporal discipline and luckily these wonderful Tops were willing to provide this for me. Emotionally, I was able to withstand about an hour straight of strict caning while leaning across a piece of fetish furniture. I did not think about what condition my ass would be in, but I do recall Dana saying to Mistress Mona: “I just can’t hit this girl anymore.” That is when Mistress Mona broke out her Dragon tail and proceeded to give me two licks before the pain broke through my state of psychological numbness. I think when it was all said and done that everyone expected my ass to be in pretty bad shape by the next morning. However, much to our surprises, I only had one miniscule mark to remind me of the whole ordeal.

My last trip to Vegas was a much different story. I was absolutely horrified by the fact that I was bruising after the very first scene we shot. And I was bruising badly. After talking to Dana about it, this was probably the result of a combination of factors including: not playing on a regular enough basis to keep my ass conditioned enough to withstand heavy corporal without marking, lack of proper diet, the illnesses I was diagnosed with and the fact that I had completely stopped taking vitamin K. Ironically, I probably take every other vitamin under the sun – but it turns out vitamin K is what helps most with the bruising.

Before the spanking party at Boardwalk Badness, for about two weeks I was taking vitamin K2 as a little experiment of sorts. While we certainly didn’t play as extensively as we did in Vegas, I did experience some heavy spanking. And one particular stingy paddle left me pretty bruised up. However, by the second day the marks were dramatically reduced and by the third day they were entirely gone. So I am convinced that vitamin K or vitamin K2 aids in the healing process of redness, swelling and bruising and also assists in the prevention of welts, marks and contusions.  While the best way to get a healthy dose of Vitamin K is to eat your fair share of green, leafy veggies, that is not always practical. Sometimes I eat raw kale in salads, sometimes I will grind it up (loathingly) and drink it in a not-so-smooth “smoothy” – but when it comes right down to it, most of the time I just have to pop a pill.


However, naturally you should consult with a physician before taking any vitamins or supplements – which is what I had to do. Generally vitamins that are water soluble are safer as the excess gets excreted through the urine, but vitamins such as vitamin K are fat soluble which means there’s a possibility they could build up in your system – which can be problematic so you want to watch your intake.

You also want to be sure that if you are on any medications that if you choose to take a supplement or vitamin, either orally or topically, that there are no negative interactions. Those on certain medications like blood thinners should be very cautious when taking vitamin K, even in it’s natural form.  If you are on blood thinning mediactions do to medical conditions, I would speak to a pharamacist or doctor before eating greens, taking a vitamin or even using the cream/gel.

I have not yet tried the vitamin K cream or gel but I have read very positive reviews that insist it speeds up the healing process of bruising.  Since I am medically cleared to take appropriate doses of vitamin K – I am going to try drinking kale again.  It’s the easiest way for me to get it in my system and it is considered a super-food.  I also try to combine frozen berries, juices and aloe vera liquid into my “creation.”  But in case that doesn’t do what I hope for it to do, I am going to try a reasonably price vitamin K cream.

No harm in bringing it to Vegas.  I had been using the Arnica cream, but that seemed to have stopped working for me.  It did very little to help with the marking in Vegas during our last filming adventure. I do have some Arnica tablets leftover and so I might take that again this time around just for the heck of it – in addition to trying to avoid asprins that I usually take to help me combat the pain and inflammation from the autoimmune conditions. Unfortunately, medications such as aspirin contribute to bruising, so if it is possible to avoid it before a spanking, that would be my recommendation.  I will let you know how that goes.

There is a wealth of information on the Internet that can be found via a quick Google search if you are interested in more information on the topic, generally – and there are some BDSM related sites that have some decent info. about how to treat the unavoidable injuries – which are, in my case, an occupational hazard.

I would also suggest massaging any bruises that form after a spanking by taking your fingers and tracing the edges deeply with your fingers – and pressing it into the unaffected skin.  This will draw the blood away from the area where it likes to pool.  I also suggest drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep, two of the most natural and healing things we can do for the body.  And of course, the more regularly you are able to play – the more your bottom will be used to the striking and the less likely it will be repeatedly traumatized by impact play.

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  1. Eve Howard says:

    Interesting essay! If you’ve just started filming and bruises loom immediately, I suggest ice packs the second the marking seems like it’s coming up too fast or there’s tearing – it could save your skin to complete a scene. Problem with playing so much that your skin becomes inured to it and doesn’t mark, is that often a ridge of skin forms under the skin and creates a surface that isn’t smooth anymore.

    • angelspanked says:

      Yes, somehow I managed to leave the ice packs out of my post, lol. Thank you for bringing that up! Guess it’s just so routine I don’t even think of it. But I pretty much sit on them the ENTIRE time in Vegas when we are filming. I don’t always like sitting on them constantly. I have limits with how long I am willing to sit on freezing ice bags! But Dana makes me, so I don’t have a choice 😉 Also, I have played very often for many years and have not developed “leather ass.” I hope I never do. I condition my skin pretty well with self-massage, oils and lotions. And I think the vitamins and water drinking help to combat that. It is one of my fears though. But I think it’s also avoidable with careful Tops. Thanks for the response!

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