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Spanking Experiment – Willow

willow2As some of you might know; I have been conducting a spanking experiment with a former Top gracious enough to oblige this request.  We are conditioning my bottom, in advance, so that Dana and I don’t run into any of the issues that prevented us from filming to full capacity last time – namely, obnoxious bruises.  This day we experimented with a Willow bunch from http://www.cane-iac.com and WOW was that painful. She really wielded that thing with finesse and produced some interesting marks.  willow3

The edges of the willow are totally frayed, which has never happened before when it was used on me and I have some very faint resiudual marking from a particularly hard stroke – just ONE, one extremely intense (experimental) stroke.  Although if you ask me, I think my former Top is taking a little too much pleasure in the experience.

Today she tricked me and told me to prepare for four with a lexan paddle and suddenly that turned into a rapid TEN.  Sigh.  Trickery.  Trickery.  NOT NICE!!!

Thankfully, I’m tricking her back.  She keeps asking me how Dana spanks me so that we can try to replicate it to get the most accurate assessment of what might happen in Vegas.  Let’s just say I haven’t been entirely forthcoming with Dana’s methods… 😉

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