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Welcome to the story of StepMommy & Angel, Starring Ms. Dana Kane and Angel

Angel was misbehaving at home and sent 3000 miles away to live with her father and new stepmother. Neither StepMommy or Angel were happy about the arrangement, but neither of them had a choice but to accept the hand fate dealt them. StepMommy decided to take matters into her own hands to curb Angel’s rebellion with a method of discipline Angel was never before exposed to and that StepMommy believed was sorely lacking: corporal punishment.


At first, StepMommy appears angry and resentful that she has this burden to deal with, but by the end of Angel’s first week – she makes it quite clear she enjoys disciplining her new charge. She punishes Angel for every infraction, taking her across her lap for hard hand spankings that have the girl writhing and teary. She is never at a loss for implements and beats Angel with her hand, various types of brushes, paddles, wooden spoons, belts/straps and in classic StepMommy fashion – infamous wire hangers.

Angel’s life is drastically changing and she is lost in her new world trying to adjust to these new stringent rules that StepMommy has created to make her existence miserable. StepMommy expects Angel to change her appearance, her attitude and her social life. Angel has been told she is too young for a boyfriend and gets spanked silly for trying to sneak him in the house. She is told her clothing is too revealing and gets a dose of the hairbrush when she tries to go to school with a skirt that barely covers her bottom. StepMommy tells her she is no longer allowed any treats until she can behave herself . But after Angel tattles to her father about the spankings, StepMommy bakes Angel cupcakes for breakfast and forces her to eat them in the corner while spanking her so hard with a wooden spoon that it cracks in half. Don’t worry, she has another one on hand for situations like this.

Having never lifted in a finger in her life, Angel is quite dismayed when StepMommy gives her a list of chores – including cleaning the fireplace with a toothbrush, and strapping her with a vengeance when she takes too long cleaning. And when Angel seeks refuge in a hot bubble bath, nursing her wounds, StepMommy comes in and spanks her wet backside with a hard wooden bathbrush. Why? Well, because she can. At the end of her first week, Angel finds herself over StepMommy’s lap in her drop-seat pj’s for a bedtime spanking where StepMommy reminds her of the rules and the consequences for breaking them while eerily confessing to Angel that she enjoys spanking her and has every intention of continuing to do so – making Angel promise to comply to keep the discipline their little secret from that moment on.

Thank you Dana, for these wonderful stills that contributed to the visual appearance of my site! Photo credits to Dana’s amazing video quality.


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