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True BDSM F/f F/m “Domination” story – sex slave #Memoir


This is a true story, related to you with trimmings of poetic license and elegant artistry. Long before the existence of Fifty Shades of Grey. This piece focuses on my earlier experiences as an S&M slave with a renowned Mistress to whom I was her personal subject. I was in my early (very early) 20’s, younger than the beloved Anastasia
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Proof that the IGNORANCE has gone too far: Fifty Shades of Grey & child pornography


I have too many gripes with Fifty Shades of Grey to list them all at the present moment. The book’s overwhelming flaws disgrace the actual BDSM community – both in its professional and personal capacity. I am choosing to focus my blog topic today on an urgent issue that perfectly exemplifies all that is wrong with the acclaim afforded to
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