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Mini Review: Dominion Street Free Video w/ Isabella Sinclaire


I recently stumbled upon Dominion Street, on Vimeo, starring the Infamous Isabella Sinclaire – a Mistress that I am quite familiar with – as some of you may or may not know.  It’s surprising to say that I had never seen this video before and it was uploaded nearly a year ago.  I didn’t know quite what to expect when
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Bruises & Badges


Thought I’d take a little time out to talk about marks after a corporal scene or session (punishment or not).  I was recently (and not so recently) “anonymously” questioned on my mental status because I am able – and more importantly – willing – to wear stripes or bruises across my ass and thighs after a “spanking,” or what some
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A Dominatrix does it on Command

Missing Mistress Isabella Sinclaire Very fond memories with her over the years. Amazing Woman. Exceptional Dominatrix. Worthy of Missing. Eating pistachios and crying over the fact that I can’t pry them open and just ripped off a nail trying. Made me think of her awesome advertisement and wish that I was so handy with a single-tail. I’d keep it around
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