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Spanked in the name of Science by Ms. Dana Kane


This was a particularly “interesting” spanking.  To help out all spanko’s, Dana and I conducted an experiment to conclusively prove that being spanked on a wet bottom hurts more than being spanked on a dry bottom.  We still could find no evidence of WHY this is the case, but at least speaking for myself – I can ASSURE you that
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Spanking Experiment – Willow


As some of you might know; I have been conducting a spanking experiment with a former Top gracious enough to oblige this request.  We are conditioning my bottom, in advance, so that Dana and I don’t run into any of the issues that prevented us from filming to full capacity last time – namely, obnoxious bruises.  This day we experimented with
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My Spanking Experiment


It happens to be the case that last time I visited Dana, we encountered quite a conundrum. A lot of factors were evilly coming into play making filming all the scenes we were intending to film, well – not possible. The biggest challenge was that I was bruising, and quite abnormally on the very first day of spankings.  The very first spanking
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