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Part TWO: Thoughts on age-play/regression & Ms. Dana Kane’s related POV’s

Part 2

That was that. I was never “punished” when I was in Vegas, either. But I did have two minor regression episodes. The first was hiding her hairbrush. I greatly detest that thing and it’s forever associated with a spanking I got in NY after probably 87 times of being told rather nicely to stop testing her patience. She refused, for my benefit she insists, not to answer a very important question. I continued asking though, half thinking she would blurt out in an angry frenzy the information I needed to quell my anxieties. Instead, she flipped the stupid hairbrush onto the couch and summoned me over her lap. This was a level of mild humiliation I had not experienced with her. The tables were turned and she refused to stop spanking me with that and her hand until I told her what she wanted to hear: that I would stop asking her to tell me, because she was not going to no matter what I did. I held out as long as I could with this enthusiastic resistance, but I could sense this spanking was slightly more serious than not. My tolerance dropped. And I just threw my pride out the window because I didn’t want to be spanked. After that however, she tested out some pretty severe implements on me and it was pretty great. It was much more adult in nature and clearly any annoyance she might have had with me pretty much ended when the spanking did. I felt better because being spanked made me lose the desire to keep asking her the question, and she MUST have felt better because I shut up about it.

The other time I started to have a regression episode was in Vegas before the cupcake shoot. Dana had 6 cupcakes. I honestly did not know she intended to use all of them in the clip. She was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her up to ask her if I could have one. And in all fairness she did say I could have whatever I wanted. So I ate a cupcake, not expecting it to be as good as it was. It was seriously good. She wasn’t mad when I told her but I got the warning not to eat another one. I did not eat another one, although the next night I was terribly tempted to. They were red and blue. I had a blue and I wanted a red. I sat on the steps for 20 minutes contemplating what to do. I still thought she could make it with 4 cupcakes.

But she did tell me no. But maybe I could just go get more. But maybe she would think I was trying to pull some attention-garnishing mood and get angry. But maybe she would realize a good cupcake was sometimes just a good cupcake. I pretty much felt like a 5 year old. I finally just gave up this battle.

I mentioned it to Dana in the morning and her response was something to the effect that she would have beaten the tar out of me if I ate another one. I don’t think she was consciously trying to achieve anything with that statement but that really affected me. She didn’t say it with any hint of anger, at all. Not annoyance. It was nothing other than an exclamatory statement. But it made me want to run away. Yet it made me want to not go anywhere at all. I was a little embarrassed and a little mad. Why would she want to beat the tar out of me over a cupcake? Why couldn’t she just let me have another one? Why did she need SIX for one scene? Well if I were going to eat another cupcake and she tried to beat the tar out of me because of it, well I just wouldn’t let her!

5-year-old, 5-year-old, 5-year old.

Not a single adult thought went through my head. But I kept that to myself. I couldn’t stop obsessing over it though. I had to know whether or not she meant it and if I would have been spanked or what would have happened to me if I ate it and did not get spanked. Well some stories we should make good use of. If God had given Eve another chance not to eat another apple off the same tree, well maybe she wouldn’t have done it again. Or maybe she would have. No apple is exactly the same, after-all. Neither is every cup cake.

I asked her again downstairs, mustering all the courage I possibly could and not knowing why I needed to ask her again. I just did. She told me, much more seriously now, that she probably wouldn’t have spanked me but that I would have gotten a lecture that would not have been very pleasant for me. She might as well just have spanked me right then because that’s how uncomfortable and childlike it made me feel.

It was like a non-spanking POV in real time. I don’t think I said much until she was through explaining what the lecture would be, which was a really sneaky way to administer the lecture punishment which acted as a pre-emptive strike that got the cupcakes out of my head for good. It probably wasn’t as intense psychologically for her as it was for me, but I really internalize everything. And I can’t complain. I literally asked for it.

This little experience took me so off guard that I had absolutely no clue whether or not I felt relief or disappointment when she said she probably wouldn’t have spanked me. That should have made me feel relief, no? I wasn’t going to let her spank me anyway, right? But if she said she was going to beat the tar out of me and then didn’t follow through, what would that mean? That she was just a flat out liar or were we just playing a game of who could out-manipulate who?

I couldn’t formulate any plan of action because I honestly could not decide whether or not I wanted to eat the cupcake and get spanked, eat it and not get spanked or not eat it at all. No one will ever know. Bottom line is that I didn’t eat the damn cupcake and she never answered my question. There’s nothing I can do about the cupcake now, but every time I see her I suppress the urge to start asking about the question. This is true. One day I fear I might try to casually insert it into conversation or that I will just blurt it out like an anxious kid trying to hold back a secret. And there might not be 87 chances to exhaust before I get in trouble.

So far, I’m equally afraid of being lectured and spanked, so I keep my mouth shut. Oh, and 5 pages later I have the realization of why I opt out of every single “punishment” we ever talked about. Lecture plus spanking, lecture during spanking, lecture after spanking… well neither seem endurable when you put it in perspective. In hindsight, if I ate the thing – out of innocence, or ignorance, curiosity or complete defiance – I think I would have been crushed if she spanked me and there’s no doubt the lecture would have been a part of it. That would not have felt like a mature punishment, which is probably why (on average) I respond to spankings as punishment where I feel psychologically regressed as opposed to ones that make me feel more like a “grown-up.”

That’s my spanking story, and I’m sticking to it. Yes, I have grown up to a large degree, but that little girl inside of me will always demand her rightful place. And I, by obligation to my sanity and sense of self, am obliged to let her keep it.

PS (If you weren’t able tell by this blog post, sparked by Dana’s POV age-play videos – they are amazing. I am anti-POV except in certain circumstances. This is one of them. If this is your particular fetish, there isn’t anyone I could recommend to accommodate it better than her. I exclude from this statement any personal feelings towards her. My appreciation of her work is not based on the fact that I happen to love her as a person and consider her an absolutely amazing Top – it really has to do solely with the quality of the material. You are entitled to disagree, but if age-play POV’s interest you, I don’t think you will, not even a little).

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