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Where I’ve been – Still here, NOT lost to the Spanking World

I realize it might seem like I have abandoned my blog again.  Alas, I have not. I am currently working on several projects – which is remarkably difficult given I am battling very trying physical maladies. However, there is much to be done.  I am working on my memoirs (vanilla and fetish) and this is perhaps the most daunting undertaking one can sign up for.  It’s a healing process but rife with all sorts of atypical life drama and unbelievable experiences that have molded me into the person I am today, and taught me very valuable lessons about good and evil.  These experiences have taught me to be tolerant and non-judgmental, to stand up for what I believe in, to continue to have faith in people even when you’ve been betrayed and abused in all sorts of terrible fashions.  I have come to greatly appreciate the saviors in my life who inspired me to get back on my feet when beaten down by others and robbed in all sorts of cruel ways. The Devil Hath The Power to Assume a Pleasing Shape.  But she does not have the power over me.  I’m excited to be on track with my writing, although it is inevitably going to take time away from this blog – I’m not good at multitasking.

The good news is, I’m trying to multitask anyway, and I do intend to devote as much attention here as I can.  Doing a rather decent job of trying, and it’s not often I give myself credit.  So this is a huge deal.  I’m also working on other creative projects, including ones involving all my domestic and non-domestic creatures.  I am working towards experimenting with POV videos and have since renovated some spaces in my house to create ideal environments for what I feel comfortable with. Adopting a healthier lifestyle. I’m engaging my green thumb despite being allergic to earth.. literally.  Those are the words of the allergist, I swear I’m not being dramatic.  I am also indulging my MH doll obsession – not purchasing them, but making fetish scenes I plan to post to the blog.  Because, yes.. I’m not ashamed to admit I like to make my hot dolls spank my other hot dolls. And they are pretty frekin’ hot.

Most importantly – upcoming TRAVEL. I’m getting ready to head to the West Coast in a few weeks.  A brief trip to California and then off to see Dana to receive what I last heard would be some “serious ass whuppins'” for all the transgressions prior to my decision to make progress in my life. Progress is exhausting… but not making progress is going to evidently be painful.  I have more than one spanking coming. In fact I have potentially several dozen of them.  But it’s doubtful even Dana could carry out that many spankings on one person in just about a weeks time. That’s a lot even for someone of her super-overachiever status.

So life is a bit overwhelming at the moment.  The brain is working on serious overtime. Juggling many projects and having a hard time figuring out how to give them equal attention.  Still working on it.  There will be another free video upload coming soon.  Stay tuned.


This is me in contemplation. I thank my Samsung phone for the flattering angle that conceals the extra fat under my chin.  I don’t Photoshop my pictures except to frame them with borders or use basic filters to make them pop a bit on the screen.  I do not delete my imperfections, despite all my temptations.  I’m a big girl, but this phone camera actually conceals that a little bit. I wish the video cameras were so obliging!  Is there an app for that or am I going to really have to start exercising to meet my own expectations?



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    Uneebibvalle how well-written and informative this was.

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